Jumpstart sessions are quick & dirty sessions for maker mamas on the go.

Life moves at a million miles an hour.

Seriously. It just never stops. Your day is a blur of phonecalls, errands, random kid questions, “what’s for dinner babe?”, and that never ending laundry pile. Oh, and that coffee mug that you forgot in the microwave. (You might want to go reheat that!)

Ok, you’re back? Awesome! What was I saying? Oh yes…. life never stops moving. Meanwhile, you have major dreams of taking your kids to Disney, or attending that blog conference, or even paying off the car. You dream of “having it all”, but without working 37 hours a day.

But in the middle of all the chaos, the question becomes, how to get started? I’ve been there. At one point, my husband & I had just moved across the country (to be near my family), after leaving the military. He struggled to find work, and after having a job for a few months, they let go of half their workforce… including my husband.

So there we were… unemployed, and on government assistance. We’re very independent, so this was super hard on us. And in the middle of this, I was trying to get my business rolling. And I’d get told things like “if you were serious about your business, you’d hire such & such coach”. And if I dared to explain our situation, I got to hear gems like “well real business owners would find the money… you should get a credit card, or borrow from your parents”.

Uhm. What?

All I needed was a jumpstart… someone to point me in the right direction. But that sort of thing just wasn’t around back then.

Amanda Sue - Rainbow Hair

Hi! I’m Amanda Sue, the quirky brain behind Cheeky Visionaries. I know what it’s like to dream big dreams, but feel like you’re drowning in dishes. As a wife and mother, I’m used to wrangling crazy schedules, and dealing with the random chaos that comes from little dirt devils running around.

So here’s the deal. I know that it’s hard out there, especially when you’re getting things up and running. And everywhere you look there’s another “overnight success” (don’t even get me started on that), and you start wondering if your day will ever come. (It will!) So I’d love to get with ya, and come up with a plan to kickstart your process.

So what’s a Jumpstart Session?

These are super fast… 20-35 minutes, max!

I fondly refer to these as quick & dirty sessions. People are busy these days! We have businesses, spouses, kids, pets… we go-go-go all day long, and then we lay down and our mind won’t stop racing. I’ve created these to be busy mama friendly. Let’s get in, get out, get it done.

Okay, so you’re probably wondering about the price.

That’s the fun part! I’m letting YOU pick the price. I have it set at $15 (because almost everyone can afford that), but if you feel like you’d like to pay more, I certainly won’t complain. 🙂 All you have to do, is click “add to cart” below, and then you can put the number of your choice (over $15) in there, or you can just leave it at $15. I’m doing it this way, because I want to make this budget friendly for anyone who needs that extra help.

After you hit that button…

Okay, after you hit the button, it’ll pop the window up, and you’ll get to pick your price. After you’ve paid for it (thank you!), I’ll send you a friendly email with a few questions on it. This will allow me to do a little research on the issue you want to focus on, so that we jump right in when we have our call.

We’ll jump in there, dig deep, and create a road map of ideas for you to pursue on your own time.

Sound good? Let’s do this!