Periscope Challenge

Hi! If you’re on this page, then I’m assuming that I’ve directed you here on one of my scopes. Welcome! I’m so glad that we’ve connected on Periscope. I set this page up, because I wanted to give ideas for taking that connection a little bit deeper. At the top, you’ll find information on my new Periscope challenge. If you’d like to work with me, you can find some ways to do that underneath the challenge info. Happy scoping!

Everywhere you look, people are throwing down Periscope challenges

But so far, I haven’t seen one single one aimed at the makers, the creators, and the artists. There’s plenty of party games like 2 truths/1 lie, or passing the baton from one scoper to another in a quick roundabout… but nothing aimed at us.

So here’s what I wanna do… I don’t want to sit here & make you read a super long page on why you should join, because time is precious (and we have things to make!). So I’m just going to bullet point this. *smile*

Why you should join

  • Periscope is the hot new medium, and early adopters can position themselves in a big way.
  • Video lets people hear the voice behind the brand, and we love that!
  • This is a great way to invite your followers behind the scenes (we love that too!)

How to join

Well this is the easy part! Ready? Sign up in the box below and you’ll get an email from me, inviting you to join the secret Facebook group… and you’ll even get sent to a page of Periscope resources, just for you! This also puts you on my VIP list to receive blog posts, updates, and special surprises just for my peeps!


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