They talk about balance…

But it’s really more of a juggling act.

And let’s not even talk about that to-do list.

Oh yes. That to-do list. It seems to be never ending.

There’s creative work, social media updates, that blog post that needs written, a few dozen emails…

Your day gets away from you so quickly… you get up, rustle the kids out of bed, and look around for your coffee cup. Nope… it didn’t get washed yet. So you grudgingly wash it, uttering your frustrations under your breath. You dry it off, and reach for the coffee… shoot. You’re out, and you completely forgot to pick more up.

So you dive into that dreaded to-do list. And before you know it, it’s almost noon and here’s how your day looks.

  • The dryer is running for the 3rd time, ’cause you keep restarting it so you can fold the laundry while it’s hot.
  • The toddler needs  his diaper changed for the 87th time.
  • The baby just spit up all over the outfit that you just changed her into.
  • Your husband wants to know what’s for dinner… you don’t even know what’s for lunch.

By the time you get one kid settled, another one “needs” you, and before you know it the day is over, and you’re too tired to do anything else.

You’ve even signed up for email classes, webinars, bootcamps… and now you’re behind on those too. And all of this behind-ness makes you doubt everything. You question why you thought you could do this in the first place.

And once the creepy doubts sneak their way in, they start infecting everything. You question your creativity, your expertise, and whether or not you can really make a living doing this.

Yes. Yes you can.

But the answer isn’t more classes. And it’s not another webinar. Or newsletter. Or even another bootcamp.



Close your eyes and picture this. Oh wait! Now you can’t read what you’re supposed to be picturing.

Okay so let me paint a picture for you…

  • You’ve got a handle on your menu/laundry/schedule.
  • The kids don’t feel left out, or like you’re always busy.
  • Your blog posts go out on time.
  • You’ve got plenty of time for creating.
  • You’ve got extra money for vacations.

It just got exciting, didn’t it? But as lovely as a vacation would be, there’s an even bigger benefit.

Your husband doesn’t feel like you never stop working. And YOU don’t feel like you never stop working. ‘Cause that’s important… you have to stop feeling like you’re always in go-mode. World domination is a fun thought, but it stops being fun when you feel like a zombie.

And because you’re not working crazy long days, you can get more sleep. And with that extra sleep, you just might remember to put coffee on the grocery list… but no promises. I’m not a miracle worker after all *wink*.